Our Skills & Experience

ASP.Net Core

ASP.NET Core is a cross-platform, high-performance, open-source framework that allows developers to build modern, cloud-based, Internet-connected applications. It is designed to be modular, lightweight, and high-performance and supports various operating systems such as Windows, Linux and Mac. It also allows developers to build applications using various programming languages such as C# and F#.


ASP.NET MVC is a framework for building dynamic web applications using the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architectural pattern. It enables a clear separation of concerns and provides full control over the markup, allowing for efficient, agile development. Additionally, it follows a pattern-based approach that allows developers to build scalable and maintainable web applications.

Microsoft SQL Server

SQL Server is a relational database management system (RDBMS) developed by Microsoft. It is a comprehensive database system primarily designed to compete with other RDBMS such as Oracle Database and MySQL. It is widely used for data warehousing, business intelligence, and transaction processing, and it supports various data types, including structured and semi-structured data. It also provides advanced security features, scalability, and built-in analytics and reporting capabilities.


MySQL is a relational database management system (RDBMS) that is based on a client-server model. It handles all database commands and it is available as a separate program that can be used in a client-server networked environment. MySQL is an open-source RDBMS and is widely used for web-based applications and data warehousing. It is known for its reliability, performance, and ease of use. It also supports various programming languages and operating systems.

JavaScript & JQUERY

JavaScript is a programming language that is primarily used for creating interactive and dynamic front-end web experiences. It is primarily used to add interactivity to web pages, and it can be used to create things like animations, form validation, and more. jQuery is a JavaScript library that simplifies the process of writing JavaScript code by providing pre-written functions for common tasks. It's a collection of methods and plugins that can be used with JavaScript to make it easier to navigate a document, create animations, handle events, and create and manipulate the HTML DOM.

BootStrap HTML-5

Bootstrap is an open-source front-end development framework that is widely used to create responsive and mobile-first websites. It is built with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and provides a set of predefined CSS classes and JavaScript plugins that can be easily used to create responsive and mobile-friendly layouts, forms, buttons, navigation, and other UI components. Bootstrap also allows developers to easily customize the design of their website by providing a wide range of options for typography, color schemes, spacing, and more. It's completely free to download and use, which makes it a popular choice among developers.